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Lifelong Learner & Reflective Practitioner

Let's Transform Our Schools Into TRUE Professional Learning Communities

Let's Transform Our Schools Into TRUE Professional Learning Communities
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Aug 8, 2011

Change is Emotional

As I mentioned a few days ago, I just finished this book called Our Iceberg is Melting. It's a story that gives a humorous account of the change process (just like Who Moved My Cheese?). But the thing that I really liked about the book is how many of the characters were affected so emotionally. It's a good reminder of the importance of effective communication during times of change.

Since the book was based upon Kotter's 8 Steps for producing lasting change, I went back and reviewed those pretty thoroughly after reading the book. Here they are

1. Set the Stage and create a sense of urgency.
2. Pull together the guiding team.
3. Decide what to do and develop the change vision and strategy.
4. Communicate for understanding and buy-in.
5. Empower others to act.
6. Produce short-term wins.
7. Don't let up.
8. Make it stick- Create a new culture.

I read Kotter's book, Leading Change, a couple of years ago. That book really elaborates on each of these. If you are in position where you're trying to influence others to change, I strongly recommend it.