Lifelong Learner & Reflective Practitioner

Lifelong Learner & Reflective Practitioner

Let's Transform Our Schools Into TRUE Professional Learning Communities

Let's Transform Our Schools Into TRUE Professional Learning Communities
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May 26, 2010

Working with Difficult Team Members

We have all served on a faculty, grade level, or committee with a difficult team member at one time or another. Here are some clever names for describing these folks:

SLUMPER- Has no enthusiasm, lazy, sighs, shrugs, but will never say that anything is wrong

DUMPER- dumps all important work on others, self-focused

JUMPER- has no scruples, takes credit for others’ work in order to gain recognition and “jump” up the ranks

GRUMPER- complains constantly about every single thing, negative attitude, impossible to please

BUMPER- takes the kudos when all goes well but is quick to blame when things go wrong, likes to find fault in others

TRUMPER- must always have the first and last word, always trying to “one up” everyone else, overly-competitive

THUMPER- bullies and intimidates others, very aggressive

These descriptions could be used with faculty members to address some of these unhealthy behaviors. Teachers can share ideas for managing working relationships with these people- but most importantly, the leader can use these descriptions as a way to bring awareness about the importance of cooperative teamwork and behavioral expectations.

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